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Animated fun on WTF-O

The number of visitors to Welcome to Finland Online (WTF-O) has been doubling every two years. One of the reasons for the site's growing popularity is certainly the numerous, mainly photo realistic animated images that we feature. Indeed, many of the people who send us feedback by e-mail tell us that our GIF animations are the main reason why they surf by from time to time. One correspondent complained, however, that it was a pretty time-consuming chore to click through 180 or so articles to track down all the animations.

To make things easier for him and other animation fans, we have produced a list of all articles featuring one or more animations. Naturally, we'll be updating it on a regular basis.

Thanks to the advanced level of standardisation of modern browsers, our animations are also easy to download: just click on the right-hand mouse button and then choose the save image as option. You can use the image above FINNFUN.GIF as a guinea pig. Pages with non-downloadable Java animations are not on the list.

SPORT: The Fish are Biting
SPORT: Welcome to Hunt in Finland
SPORT: Sailing through the air in Kuopio
SPORT: St. Michael - Records on the Trot
SPORT: Welcome to golf under the Midnight Sun
SPORT: Helsinki Cup - Mecca for the world's young footballers
SPORT: A minor football power's first Superstar
SPORT: Paavo Nurmi- The Little Giant of the Olympics
SPORT: Tommi Mäkinen - Finland tops in Motor sports
SPORT: Marcus Grönholm - New rally world champion
SPORT: Veikka the mountaineer and a Hero's Image
LEISURE: A sauna soothes body and soul
LEISURE: The Archipelagic Sea
LEISURE: The world of the Moomins does everyone good
LEISURE: Stately Baltic ferries
LEISURE: Finland celebrates Finnish-style
LEISURE: The Wonderful World of Santa
LEISURE: Challenging Rubik's cube
EDUCATION: Cutting-edge research into functional foodstuffs
EDUCATION: Fish are a real Finnish treat
EDUCATION: Turku is a minor bio-miracle
EDUCATION: The puukko - every Finn's companion knife
EDUCATION: Ships tell the Turku tale
MUSIC: Bomfunk MC's, Darude and HIM getting company
MUSIC: Trendy Bomfunk MC's on the way to fame
MUSIC: Primal male choir roars it out
MUSIC: The Tango is Lovely Longing
MUSIC: Maestro of maestros - Jorma Panula
MUSIC: Creator of the Mikkeli Music Festival: Valery Gergiyev
MUSIC: Soile Isokoski taking the world by storm
MUSIC: Matti - A little boy lives in great bass's body
MUSIC: Kuopio Singing and Dancing
CULTURE: The Kalevala - cultural property of the world
CULTURE: Linus the hippie challenges Bill Gates
CULTURE: Hannu Väisänen - Only aging gets you there
CULTURE: Tuula Lehtinen - Nothing small nor black-and-white
CULTURE: Pekka Jylhä: Time tests form
CULTURE: Welcome to Finland turns 40
POLITICS: Tarja Halonen - Finland's first woman president
POLITICS: Lipponen - Finland under the rainbow
POLITICS: Lipponen - Prime Minister on paternity leave
POLITICS: Riitta Uosukainen - The Speaker who breaks the mould
POLITICS: Hämäläinen - Euro no threat to identity
POLITICS: Niinistö: All EU members will join EMU
POLITICS: Liikanen - Apostle of competitiveness in Brussels
POLITICS: The Northern Dimension
POLITICS: Finland's hot potato - Karelia
POLITICS: Karelia - Decades of possibilities and impossibilities
POLITICS: Stalin's plan to bisect Finland
ECONOMY: Jukka Härmälä and growing Stora Enso
ECONOMY: The genesis of Nokialand
REGIONS: Helsinki - The city they just decided to build
REGIONS: Helsinki - Helsinki Menu - Savoury seasons
REGIONS: Helsinki - Apostles Coming Down to Earth
REGIONS: Helsinki - A safe, clean, European centre that works
REGIONS: Helsinki - Rolling down the Information Superhighway
REGIONS: Helsinki - The people's media parlour
REGIONS: Helsinki - Double Jubilee
REGIONS: Kuopio - A proper people's city
REGIONS: Kuopio - The university that believes in synergy
REGIONS: Mikkeli - The Governor in the Piazza
REGIONS: Mikkeli - Stimulating trade with Russia
REGIONS: Tampere - Experiences for every season
REGIONS: Tampere - Medical technology bringing people wellbeing
REGIONS: Lenin and the Moomins in Tampere
REGIONS: Silicon Valley, Tampere