How to link to WTF-O

WTF-O has now grown to over 530 pages, of which about 500 are articles on the widest imaginable variety of themes. This page is intended to give you a fairly rough oversight of WTF-O's file structure and help you find the quickest and most direct link to a main category or particular sub-categories in our electronic magazine.

URLs in the three language versions:                = Welcome to Finland  = Willkommen in Finnland   = Bienvenue en Finlande

URLs for the main categories: = Regions = Culture = Leisure = Sports   = Companies = Economy

URLs for the sub-categories under Regions: = Helsinki and surroundings   = Kuopio and surroundings  = Mikkeli and surroundings  = Tampere and surroundings    = Turku and surroundings  = Karelia

URLs for the sub-categories under Culture:       = Arts, WTF Galeries      = Music and dance = Literature und Philosophy

URLs for the sub-categories under Leisure and Education: = Communication       = History & Sightseeing     = Education        = Nature and Environment

URLs for the sub-categories under Sports:      = Leisure and fun

URLs for the sub-categories under Economy:    = European Union = Politics

Please note: The hyperlinks to the sub-categories must always be written in lower case. Otherwise, errors like this example can occur: will load the main category CULTURE instead of the sub-category Music.

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If you prefer one of the pictures above to a simple text link, use the right-hand mouse button to click on the picture and store it on your hard disc.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome.