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Ducks meet
The American artist Don Rosa, whom many compare to the near-legend Carl Barks, brought his duck gang to Finland for an adventure together with the heroes and rogues of the Kalevala The timing of the visit was just right, coinciding as it did with the 150th anniversary of the publication of the Finnish national epic the Kalevala. The Sampo, a kind of magic mill described in the Kalevala, churns out gold from nothing and would be an ideal possession for Uncle Scrooge.

In a book with the title "Secret of the Sampo" published in November 1999, Scrooge and his friends embark on an adventure in the centre of Helsinki (in the picture the Lutheran Cathedral). Don Rosa's interest in the Kalevala was inspired by enthusiastic Finnish fans of his cartoon ducks. The Secret of the Sampo has been published in 20-25 countries to date.

Don Rosa's mighty ducks in Kalevala • Helsingin Sanomat