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 The people's media parlour

When it was completed in the heart of Helsinki in 1936, the Lasipalatsi ("Glass Palace") building, a clean-lined example of Functionalism, was a radical child of its era. Now, in its new life following a major renovation done with devotion in 1998, it is again in step with the spirit of the times as a media centre serving the needs of the information society. It houses a public network library specialising in Internet services and complete with workstations, a cinema, a restaurant, cafés, a couple of TV studios and other companies, which are required to be involved to some degree in network training. The building likewise contains several different information points, such as the City of Helsinki one dealing with cultural affairs.

The idea is that Lasipalatsi should become a public space, a kind of parlour where everyone in the city will feel at home. It is hoped that the media centres there will acquaint ordinary people with information technology and give them the basic skills to, for example, use the Internet.

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