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Contents of the paper edition WTF 2001

Tarja Halonen, Finland's first woman president

Culture & Design
Time tells if a shape is enduring
Cover Artist Pekka Jylhä

On the trail of forgotten treasures
Osmo Vänskä and the Lahti Symphony
Sibelius Hall

Finnish design: one of industry's trump cards

The elite of jewellery design:
Lapponia, Torbjörn Tillander, Kalevala Koru

Marimekko going strong

Pop groups on a roll:
Bomfunk MC's, Darude and HIM

In Focus 2001: Turku
Competence building the future

Economy & Business
Jukka Härmälä and growing Stora Enso

The story of Nokialand

Three company profiles

New millionaires

Leave product development to the PKC Group

NCC Business Parks

ABB Industry and Industrial IT

The Vrouw Maria's old treasures

Susiluola - life in a cave between the big freezes

Pine tar's second coming

Welcome to Finland turns 40

Lifestyle & Sports
The sauna soothes body and soul

Pearls of hotel chains

The Puukko - a Finn's companion knife

Helsinki Cup junior soccer championships

Amer and sport high-tech

Swan - toy of millionaires

Food & Drink
The world's northernmost bubbly

Tasty fish from clean waters

Tit-bits from Finland

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