Pekka Jylhä



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Pekka Jylhä and part of his environmental sculpture "Revelation", which was completed beside a highway near Kuopio in late 2000. The gilt goat is 30 metres up in a rock cut and powerfully illuminated at night.



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I am East, I am West. 1999

Gilt bronze, stove-enamelled steel piping 6 m, wingspan 4 m. City of Helsinki.


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Source. 2000

Monument to President Urho Kekkonen. Water, light, bronze, acid-resistant steel polished to a mirror finish, granite. City of Helsinki



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Swan Lake. 1994-1995

Aquarium, carp, concrete.



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Lantern Bearer. 1999-2000

Stuffed hare, battery-powered rotating mirror ball, reflective starry sky. Kiasma collection.



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Circus. 2000

Stuffed pig, plastic balls.


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Table that wanted to go back to being a pond. 1994-1995

Plexi, three stuffed gulls, three lead balls. Wihuri Foundation collection.

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