Bach-era Baroque organ
Image size 15 Kb The brothers Andreas and Gottfried Silbermann were organ builders who lived in Saxony and Alsace in the days of Johann Sebastian Bach in the 18th century. In the assessment of many, they developed the instrument to a level of excellence that remains unsurpassed to this day.

"No big Silbermann organs have been built anywhere except Kotka since then. The model for these Baroque instruments is in the cathedral of the German city of Freiberg," says Martti Porthan, who headed the installation project. "The completion of the instrument in 1998 was a landmark event in the world of organ music. The work took three years and was done in the same way as the Silbermanns did it a couple of centuries ago; the research and learning their methods took a lot of time."

The Baroque organ articulates clearly and its upper-register range is very rich. The register range and the pipe materials as well as the location of the pipes are further important features that distinguish the organ in Kotka from standard instruments today.

Kotka's first international competition for young organ players will take place in November 2002. It has already attracted a great deal of attention - not least thanks to a big Baroque organ built in our own days.