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Greetings from President
Tarja Halonen as WTF turns 40



Four decades represent nearly half the history of the republic of Finland since independence in 1917. It is a period that has seen resolute work earn our country a place in the front ranks of developed industrial nations and allowed us to make our contribution to increasingly important international cooperation. Our membership of the European Union since 1995 and later our participation in the EMU have strengthened both our international position and our economy.

As an actor with a masterly grasp of the information technology that is revolutionising the world, Finland has become a recognised trend-setter. In other areas of science and the arts as well as in sport, the best Finns have recorded achievements of which any nation of five million souls can be proud.

"Welcome to Finland" has reported this evolution of our country in a laudable fashion. I hope the magazine will be able to respond to the challenges of the new century and continue to mediate information about Finland to the world. In the same context I take the opportunity to greet friends of our country all over the globe.

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