In the four years since its launch WTF Online (WTF-O) with its three language versions Welcome to Finland, Willkommen in Finnland and Bienvenue en Finlande has grown into a richly-illustrated webzine containing more than 500 articles.

WTF-O informs you - hopefully in an entertaining way - with articles about regions, culture, education, sport, companies and economic affairs in Finland. It also offers prospective visitors to Finland or people who are just interested in the country a great deal of information that they have considerable difficulty finding anywhere else.

The online magazine could be described as the electronic archive of our print edition.WTF-O now includes more than 500 articles from the 1997-2001 print editions in addition to updates and will continue to grow over the years into a huge bank of information about Finland.

Many of the articles contain internal hyperlinks to other WTF-O pages. In addition to that - as a further aid to surfing - you will often find links to external websites with the same or related themes at the end of the articles. Besides that, you can use search words to comb WTF-O for whatever interests you:

The Finland-related links listed here cover a wide range of subjects, but they do have one very important thing in common: they are frequently updated. That gives you access to up-to-date information on everything from the weather in the next few days through cultural and tourist events to business developments

For general Finland information not found in WTF-O we recommend that you look up the nicely commented and comprehensive link list of the Genealogical Society of Finland before mailing questions to us.

The articles and pictures are based on those published in the print annual Welcome to Finland (WTF). This generous-format, richly-illustrated volume contains about 60 articles on more than 200 glossy pages. Each issue has a special focus on one or other of the regions of Finland. In its capacity as a leading export showcase for Finnish products, WTF has addressed itself to foreign readers since the very beginning - the 2001 issue is the 40th. See also article "Welcome to Finland" turns 40.

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In contrast to the annual, our online magazine is never "finished". The editorial contents and graphics of WTF-O are being constantly updated and supplemented, as you can see from the month on the front page. Articles marked by are major udates. Our intention is to build up a voluminous and richly varied virtual info package - Finfothek - about Finland as the years go by.

WTF-O has struck quite a few chords around the planet, as the feedback that we have received from so many countries indicates. We clocked up more than 100,000 visitors from 100-plus countries in 2000 alone. Another indication of the notice we have attracted is the large number of links that sites abroad have established to WTF-O. Check out our links to find a list of selected English-language sites that have hooked up to us.

Our international contacts and unmissable presence in the Web can also benefit businesses, which are presented under the category To find out more about company presentations in WTF-O contact our secretary Elsi Mattila by telephone, snail mail or e-mail.

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